What is a Drop-in Seat?

A drop-in seat is a seat pad which can be removed from the chair frame and upholstered separately. As the name suggests a drop-in seat slots into the wooden seat frame and can just be dropped into place.


In a good quality chair the seat pad has a solid wooden frame, which webbing can be stretched across and then all the stuffings applied over the top.


A loose seat which sits on top of the frame and is held in place by screws, can be upholstered in a similar way, though it’s worth knowing that this style of seat often has a piece of chipboard as its base, rather than a wooden frame, which prevents the use of webbing.


Course Description

The perfect taster course for discovering what upholstery is all about...


Students will be guided through the essential steps of:

  • Stretching Webbing

  • Fixing with tacks and staples

  • Attaching platform hessian

  • Tying down loose stuffing

  • Fire retardant considerations

  • Tensioning fabric

  • Folding around corners


In our spacious upholstery workshop you will have use of all the correct tools for the job, including a professional air staple gun.


By the end of the course you will have created a hand-crafted seat pad and will be ready to take on more advanced projects.


What to Bring: 

- A suitable  drop-in seat

- A piece of your chosen upholstery fabric 70cm x 70cm in size


Carla will be able to give you guidance on suitable projects and fabrics, so please do get in touch with us at upholstery@thewoodworksproject.com


Traditional Drop-in Seat Taster Course - Starting 12th May

  • All materials and use of our professional upholstery tools, with the exception of the top fabric.


    We strongly recommend you contact our tutor for guidance on suitable top fabrics on upholstery@thewoodworksproject.com

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